The Success of Janeth Macarena Urcia Vidal from Peru

Mrs. Janeth Macarena Urcia Vidal is an enterprising woman who does not shy away from difficulties. She is a determined mother who wanted to provide more for her family. Janeth was born in the city of Virú, Perú, in the Trujillo region. Her husband was killed in an accident and she was left to raise their two small children on her own with little resources.

Janeth was able to collect some insurance money she used to add extra rooms to her house so that she could rent them out for income. This helped provide for just the very basics of their needs. Janeth tried to formalize commitments from her tenants, but was not having much success. She knew she needed to find an additional means of income to support her little family.

Janeth started selling beauty products out of her home. It was not an easy business, and she would have to go door to door selling her goods. Janeth didn’t give up. She learned that some university students from America were teaching business classes in her area. She was eager to see what this was all about. Janeth was very excited to realize that they were part of a local organization that is very respected called Mentors Peru. She was even more excited to learn that in addition to the business training that they provided small loans. Janeth knew that is what she needed for her beauty products business. She needed an even greater variety of products, and a small loan would help provide the capitol for her business venture.

Her first loan was for about $200 USD. This became the catalyst of her future business career. Now Janeth is very excited for the future. She enjoys the security of a steady income and doesn’t have to worry if she doesn’t have tenants or not. Janeth’s children are in school, and she desires an education as well. She is saving up to attend cosmetology school. Janeth is very responsible and is always on time with her loan re-payments.

“I am grateful for the training of the mentors and the Utah State University Students. They are understanding and caring. They truly believe in me and want to see me succeed. Now I see that I can succeed and become a very successful business woman.” Janeth is a great example of overcoming life’s struggles and creating a better, and brighter future for entire families.

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