The Success of Jesilyn Reyes from the Philippines

Jesilyn is a loving mother with three young children. She is full of hope for the future of her little family. Jesilyn’s small sari-sari store makes it possible for her to stay home with her children while working to supplement her husband’s income. “My friend first told me about Mentors Philippines. I knew right away that this organization was different. That they truly wanted to help me succeed. My teachers at Mentors Philippines gave me the knowledge that I needed to run a business properly. With my loan I was able to open up my very own store. I am a successful business woman. I can now afford to send my children to school. They will have the opportunities that I never had.” These small loans and business training are changing lives and helping end the cycle of generational poverty for families like Jesilyn’s.

Everyday billions of people go to bed hungry and worried about if there will be enough food tomorrow. This was the case for Jesilyn Reyes. Jesilyn is from the Philippines. She grew up in a family of nine. Both of her parents worked, but their income was meager. Her father was a farmer and her mother was a curtain maker. They did their very best to meet the family’s needs.

Jesilyn was able to finish high school, but there was no college in her future. After completing high school, she worked in a food factory. In time, Jesilyn met Dionescio Reyes and they married when she was twenty-two years old. They have been blessed with three children.

Jesilyn stopped working so she could be with her children, it was really difficult financially. She never imagined there was a simple solution that could change her circumstances. Then her friend introduced her to Mentors Philippines. Jesilyn was excited to learn and expand her knowledge. She was pleased that she could help ease the difficulties of family finances.

With her first loan from Mentors, Jesilyn opened a sari-sari (convenience) store in her home. This made it possible to stay with her children and supplement her husband’s income, to meet the increasing needs of their family.

Currently, Jesilyn is able to provide an additional $155 USD per week for her family. She is full of gratitude for the continued support of the Mentors staff. She knows that her business will continue to grow and looks forward to the future as her children are able to enjoy good health and finish their studies.

Jesilyn has a terrific outlook on life. She desires for the world to be full of abundance and peace. She thanks Mentors Philippines for helping her not only survive, but to thrive.

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