Learning English provides many opportunities for better jobs in developing countries.

Jessica’s teacher described her as a cheerful, helpful, and responsible woman. She participates in class, is an example to her peers, and strives to fulfill all that is asked of her despite challenges.

Jessica and her 12-year-old son live in Trujillo, Peru. She learned about Mentors International from a friend at her church.

Jessica always thought that English was too hard to learn, that only younger students could learn a new language. However, taking English lessons at Mentors International has changed her perspective. In addition, interacting with her classmates and teacher has greatly improved her skills.

Jessica is very grateful for the opportunity to take the Keystone Personal Development course from Mentors International. She developed her personal creed during this course. She was reminded that she has great potential and can move forward to achieve her goals.

To fulfill her Service Currency obligation, Jessica volunteered at a vaccination clinic held in her community. She helped check people in preparing tools, records, and everything necessary to carry out the vaccination efficiently.

“I feel very happy to have been able to help so many families in my community get their vaccine. If it weren’t for Mentors International, I would not have been seeking opportunities to serve, and I would have missed out on this blessing.” Jessica shared with us.

“I am infinitely grateful for this opportunity to learn English. I thank my instructor for her patience and support. Without her, I would have given up and never learned English. Instead, I have achieved more than I ever expected.”

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