José expresses much gratitude to Mentors International for supporting him and his family.

As José is mentored and guided on better business and self-reliant principles, he is starting to see tangible results. He is improving in his sales techniques, negotiations, customer service, record keeping, and more under the direction of his mentor.

José grew up in a tiny village in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. His parents and seven siblings lived in extreme poverty. They all worked together on their family farm. When Jose was about to get married and start his own family, he felt like he would have more opportunities in the larger municipality of Chiantla.

Today with his wife and four children, they have forged on together to build a better life. Jose started out planting potatoes on four cuerdas of land. (1 cuerda is about 40X40 yards) With assistance from his mentor, Josa is growing more than 104 cuerdas today. He also is raising livestock. With the aid of a micro-loan, he purchased a pair of sheep. They have already reproduced, and today, he has seven sheep. He hopes to add to his income when he begins to sell their wool, skins, and meat when the time is right for each animal.

Jose and his wife worked hard to not acquire personal debts, and they have paid back their micro-loan in full and on time. In addition, he is working to increase his personal savings.

José expresses much gratitude to Mentors International for supporting him and his family. As a result, he is achieving his dreams of taking better care of his family while becoming an example to his community of honesty and service.

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