The Success of Jose Humberto Oviedo from Honduras

A small 3/16 inch screw had been broken inside the motor. A thin rod is a tool to solve the problem. We watch as millimeter by millimeter José Humberto Oviedo turned the screw with the rod until he had unscrewed the screw completely. The same patience and persistence that he has had throughout his life, unfolds before us in a moment.

“I was paying rent in this workshop for fifteen years. I wanted to own the land and building, so with great effort, I was able to purchase the land. Now I have another goal; to build a terrace and a second floor to sell spare mechanical parts. I also want to purchase a scanner and offer technical services on the main floor of my building,” says Jose.

“Mentors Honduras has truly helped me to maintain the determination to make my goals a reality. When I encounter obstacles, I evaluate what I need. Thanks to Mentors Honduras, I am able to buy the tools and equipment necessary. I have a greater capacity to provide a good service for my customers.”

Jose, together with his wife, has created the family business, “Los Tres Luises.” This name comes from what he values most, his family.  In their family business, Jose teaches mechanics and his wife teaches beauty school. Together they have used the small loans they receive from Mentors Honduras interchangeable, some for the beauty school, and some for the mechanic workshop.

As Jose and his wife have paid back the loans they received, they have set some of their earnings aside to create a scholarship program. They choose young people in their community and give them scholarships. They are eager to provide opportunities for others to improve their lives.

Jose says, “We cannot minimize the support we have received. I am very grateful to Mentors Honduras. Thank you to those that have made it possible for Mentors Honduras to come to our community.”

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