Josefina Chail Chos hopes to continue working with Mentors Guatemala and expresses immense gratitude to the donors who make it possible for so many families like hers to get ahead in life. She hopes that by their generosity they can receive blessings.

When Josefina was young, her family raised animals, chickens, cows, and goats. They would gather eggs and milk the cows and goats, sell the milk and make cheese to sell. Josefina and her 12 siblings had their physical needs met but were unable to afford an education.

When Josefina was sixteen years old, she became engaged, soon married, and a year later her first of three children were born. Josefina was able to continue to work for her parents and bring in a small additional income to supplement her husband’s wages.

Josefina’s parents gave her a small plot of land that she could cultivate. She decided to sow onions that she could sell to add to the family’s income. When Faustina’s third child was born, her husband decided to emigrate to the United States in search of better work.

Josefina says this was the biggest test of her life. When her husband first left, the family was greatly affected. Alone, Josefina was not able to earn enough income to provide for their needs. Sometimes she could not send her children to school or buy them food, but as a woman of faith and she knew that God would not abandon them.

Determined Josefina and her children worked hard farming their little plot of land. Josefina met Mentors Guatemala through her son, who at the time was working as a delivery person. He had seen the Mentors Guatemala office and decided to go inside to learn more. Together they attended classes and applied for a small loan of $775 USD. The family worked hard as they planted onion, lettuce, broccoli, and cabbage.

Some time has passed since the first loan. Josefina comments, “I am very grateful to Mentors Guatemala. I feel the help they gave me was a miracle. I was taught how to invest my money and how to save. My family has daily food and we were able to construct a new home made from block.  My greatest wish is that my children can move forward in the future with the things I have taught them.”

Location: Patzicia, Guatemala

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