Josefina is a wife and mother with four children who live in Chimlatenango, Guatemala. This is the story she shared with us.

“The desire of every mother is that their children enjoy a better life. To have a better economic, emotional, and healthy situation. Unfortunately, not everything is easy in life, and sometimes it goes from happy to sad. My husband and I made many sacrifices for our children. There were times we had to go into debt and even sell a piece of our land to be able to move forward. I thank God everything has been worth it. We only need to finish raising our last daughter who is 16 and currently attending school. My other three older children all have professional careers.

The land that we sold would have allowed us to build a larger house for ourselves, but in times of economic pressure, we had to do it to be able to move forward. At that time, we did not know Mentors International.

Mentors International has been a great support to us and many others in this community. I know that this help comes from donations. From people with giving hearts that want to benefit and bless others so that we can become better.

We are grateful for the help we received with a loan which helped us to buy raw materials for produce and become more self-sufficient. But above all thanks for the teachings, we received on how to better manage our money, how to sell better, how to manage the inventories of our cuts and threads we use. We did not know anything about this and now we are better because we know more and they helped us to live these principles.

When we started working with Mentors International we owed more than $2,000 USD and thanks to God and you now we have no debts, although it is true that we have been taught and advised that we should save, it is something that we have not done yet for all that We had to pay, but now that we are free from these chains of debts and we are free, we will begin to save to ensure better future times.”

Josefina has a small weaving and embroidery business. She also supports and helps her husband in their farming enterprise.

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