Karla is picture above on the right in the blue polka-dot shirt with some of her students.

Karla was performing her 40-hours of “Service Currency” at the Centro de Educación Extraaescolar y de Formación Tecnica”. This is an institution for young teens who did not have the opportunity to attend primary school because of their parent’s economic situation. This school teaches basics such as reading and writing in an accelerated format. The Guatemalan Ministry of Education endorses this institution.

The staff noticed Karla’s dedication and love while she was serving. The director offered her a part-time job as a teacher. Karla accepted the position with great joy because at the time, she was unemployed.

Karla is a single mother with two older children. After a friend told her about Mentors International, she enrolled and completed the Sales and Customer Service course and then the Basic Computer class. Karla was very grateful that Mentors International didn’t charge money for their vocational training because she didn’t have any money at the time.

As Karla continued working part-time and taking vocational training from Mentors International, the Center for Education then hired her for another project to help provide support for other teachers at their institution. This was a great blessing for Karla; she went from being unemployed to having two jobs.

Karla’s story exemplifies how the “Service Currency” program Mentors International runs is inspired. Through service, the ripple effect of Mentors International expands. Karla improved her life, while the center of education and the students who attended were lifted through the service they received from Karla.

In her own words, Karla describes her experience “I am very grateful for Mentors International. Thanks to the training courses and service programs I was able to experience a blessing in my life. I know that because of the community service I performed now I have two jobs. This has brought many blessings to my life and has helped me become self-sufficient. If the community service program had not been there, I would not have volunteered my time. I would not have gained the love for others at this institution, and received the immediate blessing of a job. For this and many more things I will always be grateful to Mentors International. I continue to encourage students to give their time through community service. They will see the blessings that come into their lives.”

There is no charge for the programs and services that we provide. Our students pay for their training courses by performing 40 hours of approved and substantive community service to; schools, municipalities, hospitals, orphanages, senior care centers, etc. As a result, our students not only better themselves but improve the lives of others as well. Over 260,000 hours of service were performed in the name of Mentors International during 2021.

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