The Success of Keyla Carrion Huaman from Peru

“I am grateful for the training and support from Mentors Peru.  I want to continue to grow and expand my business and my education. Now I have the means to do so.” Keyla is saving for the future. She wants to attend a vocational school and work in the technical field one day.

Keyla Carrion Huaman is a young woman with many admirable qualities. She is an innovative entrepreneur, dedicated to supporting and helping her family. She says, “I like to help my family. I love them very much, and I feel that they always need me.”

When Keyla was a young child, she was very happy because her parents were together. Unfortunately, her father left her family when she was eight years old. Keyla’s mother worked very hard to provide for her children. It was a very humble upbringing, and Keyla was grateful that she was able to finish high school. She wanted to continue her education but they couldn’t afford it.

Keyla married young and became a mother to a little boy. Keyla wanted to help support her new little family and hoped to give her son the educational opportunities that she never had.  Her mother had a restaurant business where Keyla helped run from a very young age. After Keyla graduated from high school, her mother left her the business to manage. Because of her experience, Keyla was comfortable in cooking and tending to the small restaurant.

In her business, Keyla earned about $100 soles ($33.00 USD) per week, which was very little. Her mother had heard of Mentors Peru and their business classes. She suggested that Keyla go visit them. Keyla was very interested and eagerly started attending the classes. She was so excited to grow in her learning. Her first loan was for $1,500 soles ($500.00 USD).  She has been able to invest in her restaurant and is able to also serve a construction crew that works in her community.  Keyla’s restaurant has grown in reputation and popularity.

Even though her relationship with Mentors Peru has been short, Keyla feels that she has improved as a person and with her restaurant business.

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