The Success of Kwabena from Ghana

“I was a very good farmer. I even received the award for the best pepper farm.” beamed Kwabena as we spoke with him. Kwabena is from a small village called Bomso, Ghana. He is the devoted father to seven beautiful children. Kwabena has been an exceptional farmer for most of his life. He took great pride in his work and was grateful to be able to provide for his family.

Kwabena is now almost sixty years old and is unable to support his family through the strenuous work of farming. He knew he needed to create a new opportunity for himself to continue to be the father he wanted to be.

Kwabena learned how to take care of chickens from previous work experience when he was younger. There are no other poultry farmers in the area, so he knew that this would be a good business venture. He also knew that this work wouldn’t be as physically demanding. Unfortunately, without money for funding, he would not be able to start his new business enterprise. The banks in his area wouldn’t work with him because of his age and his lack of collateral.

Kwabena learned about Mentors International in Ghana from other small business owners in his community. Kwabena sought out Mentors International to see if they could help him. Kwabena was able to receive specialized business training from them and quickly qualified to receive his first micro-loan.

With his newly learned business skills and a loan in place, Kwabena began poultry farming. In his first year of business, he constructed chicken coups and sold over five hundred chickens. In his second year, he received his second loan from Mentors Ghana enabling him to build even more chicken coups and sold over one thousand chickens. His business continues to grow and the diligence with which he manages his business is inspiring. Kwabena recognizes that keeping detailed and organized records of his business is crucial. It is clear that he uses the teachings of his mentors efficiently and effectively.

“Thank you Mentors International for the support and training that you provided for me. I know without your teachings and financial support I would not have been able to start my chicken farm and support my family. You trusted me, and I want you to know that I will always be honest with you. I want my children to know that their father is an honest and respectable man. God bless Mentors International.” Said Kwabena.

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