The Success of Laidy Maribel Flores from Peru

“One of the most rewarding experiences is to provide for yourself and for your child,” says Laidy Flores.

Laidy knew suffering and trials from a very young age. Her parents were in and out of her live while she was very young. Often she was sent to live with different family members. Finally, Laidy’s mother settled in Huraral, Peru, and Laidy was sent to live with her. They had next to nothing.

At eleven years old, Laidy was forced to work as an assistant in a warehouse. She did not attend school or enjoy a carefree childhood. Laidy was smart and was able to learn her job well. When she was fifteen years old, she began her own business selling vegetables.

Laidy became pregnant and had a baby girl. She works very hard to provide for her daughter. She is mindful to be a good mother and support her daughter the best she can. Laidy continued to look for other resources to help her situation. One of her neighbors invited her to a presentation that Mentors Peru organized to share their programs. Laidy listened and felt this program was for her. It would help her progress and she no longer felt so alone. With her neighbor and other poor mothers from their area, they formed a solidarity loan group. This group of women all had experienced hardship, they understood and supported each other during training sessions, and while they paid back their small loans.

Laidy received her first loan in the amount of $600 USD which she invested in starting a winery and in selling groceries, sweets, fruits, and vegetables. Laidy’s earnings increased rapidly and she promptly paid her loan back. She is eager to apply what she has learned in her training classes to her business.

Because of her new increased income, Laidy has been able to purchase some land where she will build a home for her and her daughter in the future. She will no longer have to pay housing leases.

“I thank Mentors Peru for helping me in my business and in my life. I have a long way to go to meet my goals, but I know I can count on Mentors Peru to guide me on my journey. I am able to give my daughter the kind of life I never had,” says Laidy with determination.

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