Landy wondered if she was too old to start a new profession.

Last year Landy found herself unemployed. She lives alone since her children are grown and have moved on with their own families to raise. Landy wondered if she was too old to start a new profession. Unsure what to do, she had few options living in a small town in Mexico. Landy hadn’t attended school in years and had just received a general education. She didn’t know how she was going to pay her rent or afford to buy food. A friend introduced her to Mentors International in Mexico. She started receiving business mentoring and decided she wanted to start a business selling traditional embroidered clothing.

During the beginning of her Mentorship, Landy’s monthly income was about $184 per month. This came from the sales of her embroidered clothing. However, this didn’t cover all her bills and necessities.

Throughout her ongoing mentoring and business lessons, she learned the value of keeping records of her business and personal life. As a result, she started diversifying her products. For example, she started bags and beauty items for women. In addition, she listened to her clients and asked them what kinds of products they would like and what colors are more popular. She has also started offering seasonal products, which has helped increase her income and attract new customers.

Today she has been able to increase her income thanks to the new strategies that she implemented with the help of her Mentor. Landy received a microloan from Mentors International for $280 to buy a showcase that will help her improve the display of her products so that they are not damaged.

Landy was able to pay off her micro-loan in only five months, something that represented an outstanding achievement for her since she paid it off early. This was possible thanks to the increase in her income and the proper management of her accounting records. As a result, her mentors think Landy has become an expert in recordkeeping.

Landy’s income has now almost doubled compared to the start of the Mentorship. She has become debt-free and is starting a business savings plan to continue increasing her merchandise inventory.

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