Lannete Pierre is a mother with four children. She sells peanuts, apples, curtails, and other sewn items. She used her first micro-loan to purchase peanuts to sell. Not many shops offer peanuts, and she was able to differentiate her store from the others in the market because of this item. She quickly paid back that loan ahead of schedule. Our MENTORS have observed that Lannete is quick to implement the lessons that are taught in our classes. She is already seeing the benefits of keeping good business records.

Looking for other ways to continually be innovative, her current loan was invested in a motorcycle. Her husband has now started a business transporting people on their motorcycle.

Lannete loves being a mother. She wants her children to know that education is very important to progress in life. She shares with her children what she is leaning from our MENTORS. With a big smile Lannete says, “Thank you MENTORS!”

We are continually impressed by the love and service we see mothers in these developing countries give to their children. These mothers like Lannete demonstrate the same basic wants for their families, to give them a better life, to have them grow into better people.

This Mother’s Day, honor your mother by giving to mothers across the globe. We will send her a personalized and meaningful card on your behalf.

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