The Success of Leah and Gil Eltagon from the Philippines

Leah and Gil Eltagon run a motorcycle and bicycle repair and parts shop in Davao, Philippines.  They are loving parents that want their children to have more. They are examples in their communities and try to be leaders in their loans groups. They want to give hope to others and help inspire others to never give up on their dreams.

Leah Remolleno is from Davao, Philippines and is the youngest of three children. Her father worked as a farmer and her mother as a storekeeper. Education was very important to Leah’s parents and they encouraged their children to complete their education so they could become successful in future employment.  Through the love and support of her parents, Leah graduated with a Bachelor’s degree of science in commerce with an emphasis on accounting.

Gil Eltagon is the oldest child of three, having two younger sisters. At a very young age, Gil’s mother and father passed away. He and his sisters were raised and supported by their extended family. Life was difficult for Gil, but he is optimistic and had a strong desire to be independent.

Gil and Leah met and had a wonderful courtship. A short time later they married and now have been blessed with two sons.  They want to provide the best opportunities to their boys, especially education and a good work ethic. Together they started a small business of selling motorcycle parts in a store in the public market. Their business was going well, but they wanted to expand and increase their income.

Gil and Leah were invited by the Mentors Philippines staff to attend an orientation meeting that explained the Mentors program. They were both excited about the possibilities of improving their business. Even though Leah studied accounting in school the classes from Mentors Philippines helped her apply her knowledge to their business to better track their operations.

After completing their classes they decided to expand and start servicing bicycles as well. They used their first loan to purchased bicycle parts and plastic wares to add additional product selection to their store.

Prior to working with Mentors Philippines, Gil and Leah were earning about $570 USD per month. Currently, they earn about $1,680 USD per month which has allowed them to hire a sales person, and a mechanic.

Leah and Gil have been able to send their children to good schools and also pay for the education of their nephews. When Leah’s mother became sick, Leah was able to care for her until she passed. Leah was grateful to spend the time with her mother and felt blessed knowing her family’s business would sustain them.

Leah and Gil plan for continued business growth and hope to hire more people. They want to inspire others to become entrepreneurs and to never give up on their dreams. They are grateful for the day the Mentors Philippines staff invited them to lean more.

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