Lourdes from Honduras

“Prices of agricultural supplies are escalating, making the agricultural business unsustainable, but thanks to the mentoring, training, and support I have received, I have seen a greater yield.” Lourdes shared with us. Many small farmers in Honduras, like Lourdes, are experiencing success. (Lourdes is pictured in the pink shirt above.)

Lourdes is an eggplant farmer who sells her produce to an export company. She usually plants around eight acres of eggplants. However, thanks to the additional training from Mentors International and USAID Engineers, she knows that she needs to rotate her crops every other time to control plagues and increase her yield. Mentors International also connected Lourdes to the export company, and they pay her a higher rate for her produce.

Before working with Mentors International, Lourdes didn’t have the knowledge or resources to rotate crops. She was planting what everyone else was planting, corn. This practice left her with very little profit and nutrient-depleted soil.

Two years ago, Mentors International started supporting farmers in this region with mentoring and training. Partnering with USAID Engineers, they taught farmers to rotate crops. In addition, they introduced them to new products such as eggplants and sweet potatoes. These crops work well together for crop rotation, bringing in greater yields.

Since working with Mentors International, Lourdes has almost doubled her income and makes about $500 a month. She is utilizing her land to the fullest. Her savings have grown from nothing to $700.

Antonio, one of our volunteer mentors, is very knowledgeable about controlling plagues in the field and using pesticides properly. He has been sharing his knowledge with other farmers working with Mentors International. As a result, Lourdes said, “I’m saving 60% in the cost of pesticides, and the products we are now using work better”.

“Mentors es Calidad” (Mentors is quality) Lourdes said as she shared her thoughts about Mentors International in Honduras. Then she quickly added, “Mentors International is an awesome organization. It is a great opportunity for us and a great help because otherwise, we wouldn’t find the needed principal to move forward. Working with Mentors International I have no concerns about finding the financial resources to prepare the land buy fertilizers and supplies. Rather we focus on working and increasing our yield.”

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