Lourdes and her younger brother live with their grandmother in a tiny apartment. But as her grandmother got older, working was becoming more and more difficult. Lourdes was grateful when a friend told her about Mentors International and our Centers for Education and Mentoring.

Lourdes started attending the English classes with the hope of getting a stable job at a call center once she completed her training. She has completed both the beginning and intermediate English classes. She was a dedicated student that studied and practiced her skills.

“Not only did I learn English, but my teachers helped me prepare my resume and apply for jobs.  Through our Job Placement Services, Lourdes was able to apply for a position as a computer instructor at the Jenny Yolanda Alí Vallecillo School in Honduras. This job has been a blessing for her family during the pandemic.

Lourdes is saving her money because her goal is to one day get a degree from the Technological University of Honduras. She is grateful that she learned how to be a good student while attending the Center for Education and Mentoring (CEM).

The Keystone training I received helped me start a savings plan. I continue to set other goals for me to improve my life. I feel more valuable today. I am grateful that I was able to attend classes at the CEM.”

As part of her service hours, Lourdes helped at a fundraiser for the Association of Children with Cancer.

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