The Success of Luz Lituanas from the Philippines

When Luz was only 14 she had to drop out of school to help support her family and eight siblings. Working as a shopkeeper Luz didn’t give up on her dream to finish high school. She worked hard and five years later she was able to go back and finish her high school diploma.

It was while working as a shopkeeper she met her husband Mario who was working as a tailor. They opened up their own shop in Northern Samar. The Samar province lies in the typhoon belt. Their family’s income would suffer whenever a storm hit their area. The unsteady flow of income and the growing needs of their three young children pushed the couple to move to Manila for better opportunities.

Upon arriving in Manila, Mario was able to find work as a tailor earning about $76 USD weekly. The couple had four more children, and to better provide for the needs of their seven children Luz started a small convenience store and later started a junkshop (scrap trading).

A friend suggested that Luz contact Mentors Philippines for help to grow her businesses and increase her family’s income. Luz who has always loved to learn was excited to start attending these business classes. After attending these classes Luz’s first loan was for about $57 USD. She used the money as additional capital for her scrap trading business (buying used bottles, newspapers, plastic containers, etc. Luz has been actively learning and growing her business with the help of Mentors Philippines over the last six years.

Luz has learned the importance of saving more and spending less. This has become helpful to her family as they were able to obtain their own residential house. They have acquired a small second house which they are now renting out for additional income. Luz has invested other small loans from Mentors Philippines into her convenience store. Purchasing additional inventory and products. Her convenience store has really grown and expanded over the last couple of years.

A few years ago Mario was hospitalized due to mild cardiac arrest, their savings helped them afford the medical expenses. Mario became partly paralyzed and was unable to continue working as a tailor. He now helps run their convenience store. As Luz and Mario get older their son Rey helps manage and run their scrap trading business. (pictured above)

Luz is grateful for Mentors Philippines and all they have done for her family. Her children were able to all finish high school; some have even attended additional trade schools. They have learned from their mother’s example and they are hardworking entrepreneurs themselves.

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