Gaining the confidence to move forward.

“The Keystone course from Mentors International helped me find myself and see all the potential I have. One of my most outstanding achievements is having started a savings account. I always wanted to do this, and could not. Today I record my expenses through a budget. This simple tool helps me a lot to control my expenses. I previously did not have the discipline to do this. I have set goals. I have learned to seek a balance, value all people, manage my emotions, and especially initiate a change from within. What I learned from Mentors international has not only impacted my life for the better but that of my family’s.”

Luzmila lives in Peru with her husband Carlos, and their two teenage children. Luzmila lost her job when the pandemic hit. She decided to start her own business. She made wallets, small handbags, cushions, and pencil holders. She also sold products for beauty and personal care. She was making about $5 a day. After the business training and mentoring from Mentors International she applied these new principles to her business.

Today she is using more social networks to increase her clients and let people know about the products she is selling. Today her business makes about $15 a day. Her dream for the future is to expand her business and sell her products nationwide. She wants her children to continue with their education, and she wants to build a better-quality home for her family.

“With the help of Mentors International, and with the support of my family and mentor I know that my dreams and wishes will come to pass.”

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