Maritza’s Success In Her Own Words

“Mentors International has helped me to grow my business, and also helped with my personal development.” Martiza from Honduras.

“My dream is to open a medicine shop in the new shopping center they are building on the next block.

In 2016 my husband and I started selling used clothing out of our home. We learned business principles from Mentors International and used a loan to help get us started. We listened to our customer’s feedback, and we’re always looking for ways to improve.

Our customers wanted us to start selling medicines for common aches and illnesses, so we added that to our business. When the pandemic hit, our clothes sales went down, but our medicine sales kept us afloat. I am grateful for the many mentoring visits I have received. During the stressful times of this pandemic, our mentor always gave the best advice and taught us self-reliance principles that helped us not only survive but to succeed!

Today we distribute our medicine products in three different ways; we sell from our home, from our store, and as street vendors.

In the beginning, I was making around $74 a month in profit, and today I am making about $330 a month. I have been able to save over $100.

Thank you, Mentors International, for always being there not only for my family and me but also for helping our community improve.” Maritza shared with us.

Click through the picture below to see where Maritza started to where she in now. 👏👏

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