Last week was a memorable celebration for families in Managua, Nicaragua. We held our first MENTORS Business Festival. Forty local business owners who have been learning from our volunteer MENTORS showcased their businesses and networked with others throughout their community.

MENTORING Fest 2020 was an exciting way to celebrate the progress of not only these small business owners, but the impact of our volunteer MENTORING program.

Our volunteer MENTORS have benefited from the MENTORING and training we offer at our Centro de Aprendizaje y Mentoría want to pay it forward and share their newfound knowledge with their friends, family, and neighbors. These volunteer MENTORS have completed our mentoring course which helped prepare them to become effective and supportive MENTORS.

This volunteer MENTOR program is helping us reach and lift even more families than ever before. Currently, in Managua, we have 85 volunteer MENTORS serving two families each. That is an additional 170 families learning and growing in greater self-reliance.

When the incomes improve of these small business owners, and they have learned sound business and personal finance principles, they are able to feed their families more nutritious meals, pay for their children’s educations, eliminate personal debt, save for the future, create jobs for others, and more.

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