The Success of Mercedes Garcia from Honduras

“The house you see behind us is because of Mentors Honduras. You wouldn’t believe our house before. We lived in a house made out of plywood and tin. Sometimes while the children were sleeping, they would roll out of the house!” says Mercedes Garcia.

Mercedes and Martir live and run their businesses in Potrerillos, Honduras. Together they have five children.

“When we first started working with Mentors Honduras, I was selling used cloth and Martir was planting corn. Now with the support from our mentors, we have a mini-store in which we sell basic food products. We also have a Moto-taxi which our eldest son drives and provides transportation services.”

“Mentors Honduras is very important to us. They helped us solve our business problems and have taught us so much to support our growing businesses. Mentors Honduras helped us to be able to support our children and pay for their schooling fees.”

Mercedes and Martir have worked along with Mentors Honduras for the last six years. They are true entrepreneurs, always looking for new opportunities to grow and expand. Currently, Mercedes and Martir have six different incomes in their home, instead of the two they originally had. “I wish Mentors will continue to help us. We were striving hard to grow. We started from the bottom and have moved up. I am very grateful to Mentors Honduras. I suggest to everyone to seek their help if you need support in growing your business.” exclaimed Mercedes.

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