Growing Their Business

Meyling and her husband William started with a bike and a refrigerator. After two years of struggling to manage and grow their business, they learned about Mentors International and were eager to receive business training and mentoring.

They learned business principles and developed the skills to run their business more effectively. They learned the importance of record keeping and being more organized with their expenses. They moved to a more accessible location and worked on providing better service to their customers. Over the last year, they have increased their staff to 14 employees, and have invested in six motorcycle taxis. They also serve as ice cream vendors in six different areas of Managua.

“I am very grateful to Mentors International for the opportunity to participate in the business mentoring program. I have become more disciplined in everything I do. We hope they continue to bless the lives of other business owners in our community.” – Meyling, Nicaragua

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