In the beginning, Milago was making about $22 USD a month, today she is making $87 USD a month.

Milagro and her husband Edelberto are the proud parents of seven children. Today they have three children and three grandkids ranging in ages from 4-13 living at home with them. Both Milagro and Edelberto have been receiving mentoring and business training from our team in Managua, Nicaragua.

Milagro shared with us, ¨I have been receiving personalized mentoring from Mentors International for about a year now. I remember when I first started attending these mentoring sessions I did not have a business. The only source of income for my family was my husband’s work repairing furniture. One day, a relative suggested to me that I should start making and selling natural juice drinks. Through the sale of my drinks and the sale of enchiladas on weekends, I have managed to prosper and help my husband with the responsibilities of our home.” In the beginning, Milagro was making about $22 USD a month, today she is making $87 USD a month.

Milagro shared that before she didn’t have any goals or projects that she was working on. However, today she feels empowered to work harder to achieve her dreams. The dream that she holds closest to her heart is saving to have her own home. She wants to give the best opportunities to her young children, and grandchildren that still live with her.

Milagro shared: ¨In the future I want to have my own home. I want to be able to give my children a university degree, that they will be able to climb higher than me. I feel that the mentoring has been fundamental and important for my development. Now my husband and I know how to manage our money, and thanks to the habit of saving we have our own money. We have started a small business selling more than just juice. We try to grow and work with courage and enthusiasm every day.”

Their mentor Gabriela shared…

“I am happy to know that the mentoring services have contributed positively to their family. Both Milagro and Edelberto have set goals and they are working on them together. They want to own their own house one day so starting a new business to bring in additional income is helping them achieve their goals. Milagro and Edelberto are also encouraging and teaching their children and grandchildren about the importance of saving and working on their education. They are a great example of improvement for their children.”

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