The Success of Millicent Appiah from Ghana

“In the beginning, I just had a small table by the side of the road where I sold just a few items. The money I made helped a little, but it wasn’t enough. When my friend told me about Mentors Ghana I was very excited to find someone willing to lend me money so that I could improve my business. When I met the mentors they were so supportive. The classes that I attended were very helpful in teaching me how to properly run a business.”

Millicent Appiah lives in the small village of Akrofufu, Ghana with her husband and three children. She has now been working with Mentors Ghana for a little over two years and she has shown immense growth, not only as a business owner but as a woman of perseverance.

Millicent began selling items from a small table in order to support her family and help supplement her husband’s humble farming income. Her sales were meager and not enough to relieve the financial pressure. Millicent’s first loan was used to upgrade from a table top to a small wooden store near the market. Using the skills, she was taught in the Mentors Ghana classes, her income improved and she was able to upgrade again. Within a year, Millicent moved her business to a large, fully stocked and functional location to sell in the market.

As a member of Akrofufu’s Unit Council, Millicent’s growth as a business owner was recognized and they contracted her to be the sole provider of school lunches at the Presbyterian KG and Primary School. Using her education and confidence that she gained through working with Mentors Ghana, Millicent was funded another loan to begin her new venture of providing school lunches. Millicent’s catering business at the school has shown impressive growth, even generating employment. Eunice is now employed through Millicent. Eunice has three children of her own and she is able to support them with her new job. Eunice feels blessed to be part of the business. Through the help of Mentors Ghana, Millicent now supports her own family, employs Eunice, and provides food for school children. Millicent and Eunice are exceptional women dedicated to their families, their work and their community. Their success is felt and shared by many. Millicent continues to work diligently with Mentors Ghana to make lasting changes that will improve her community.

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