The Success of Moises from Honduras

“What a great opportunity,” Moises says with a smile! “Believe me, there is no other organization like Mentors International. They truly help those that are in great need. I invite all my friends to work with and be a part of this great organization.”

Moises lives in Honduras with his wife and eight children. Four years ago Moises had a small restaurant located in a passageway toward the back of his neighborhood. It was a small room covered with plywood.  After working with Mentors International and receiving business training and a micro-loan, Moises has been able to move his location.

His restaurant is now on the main street where there is higher pedestrian traffic. He has been able to purchase better tables and stoves. Moises says he is now selling twice as much and has introduced new menu items. He explains that even though his sales have doubled, his profits have not doubled because he is investing in his business.

What is the next step for Moises? He plans to use some of the profits from the restaurant to invest in advertising, making a sign for his restaurant that includes his new logo, and giving his restaurant a new coat of paint.

“I like working with Mentors International because you don’t need much to become part of the organization. You only need to be a hard worker, keep your installments up to date, and have the desire to grow and move on. Mentors International is a blessing in my life for me and my family. My Mentor has become a great friend and advisor. He has taught me so much and helped me become more accountable. I am truly grateful for all the help I have received.”

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