The Success of Alejandra Noa Palomino from Peru

“Farming is in my blood. My father was a farmer, and his father was a farmer. Today, because of the support of Mentors Peru I am much more successful than they ever were. Thanks to the training and financial support, I am able to not only plant more crops, but I am able to sell them with a greater profit. My wife and five children are very proud of their father. I am working hard, and making something better of myself”

Narciso Torres has known poverty since he was very young. With his brothers, he had to work alongside his parents to help make money for the family to have enough food. This struggle did not bring Narciso down, it had the opposite effect. Today, Narciso is known for his fighting desire to succeed and his entrepreneurial spirit.

Narciso began farming for his own family by planting one hectare of rice. He did not have enough money to plant the full hectare, so Narciso applied for loans with the local banks. Because of the high-interest rates the banks charged, Narciso was not able to earn what he hoped for. Sometimes he had to quickly sell his product at a low price in order to pay off his debt with the banks. It was during this time that Narciso was introduced to Mentors Peru. Mr. Hipolito Macalupu was the president of the solidarity group in the area and he invited Narciso to be a part of the group that was forming in his village.

Narciso qualified and received a loan for about $650 USD, which was enough to plant, harvest, and sell his crops for higher prices that season.

Currently, Narciso has sowed 1½ hectares of a healthy crop of rice that is almost ready to be harvested. “What I like most about Mentors Peru is the support, training, and fair repayment rate. I have been granted to make payments after my harvest is done. Despite my age, I intend to continue with Mentors Peru and with my farming business. As I grow my business, I will be able to provide work opportunities to more people in my community. Thank you Mentors Peru for helping me to grow,” Narciso says with great enthusiasm!

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