During the time he worked as a salesman for two different companies, Natividad Gomez Lara was robbed seven times and eventually shot. He narrowly escaped with his life. Natividad knew he had to make a change, and started a new business venture in his own town. He bought a Moto taxi.

On October 9, 2012, Natividad found Mentors International Honduras. Natividad needed help to grow his small business and applied for a $227.00 (USD) loan to cover the repairs and maintenance of his taxi. A reliable vehicle allowed Natividad to grow the business even more.

Sadly in December 2014, Natividad’s wife Maria Paredes passed away. Their three daughters thought it would be better for Natividad to join them in the United States.  In the beginning, it seemed like a great idea. Part way through the journey he reconsidered the decision and thought, “even though I am 58 years old, I am a hard working person. I know I can succeed in my own country.” Natividad turned back and returned home to Honduras.

Now in his fifth loan cycle (with a $ 1,227.00 loan USD ) sales have increased from $15.00 to $ 50.00 per day.  Natividad related, “I would like to give thanks to God and also to the Mentors International for coming to our town and providing loans for our growth. I feel so grateful for I now have two Moto taxis (instead of only one). Thanks so much for what you do for our people and our country. Every time one of my clients tells me that he or she has financial problems, I immediately refer them to Mentors International office.

Several companies besides Mentors have offered me their loan services, but I don’t want to leave. I will continue with Mentors until they decide not to give me anymore (loans). I need not leave my country either. I will work here. When I think about the future I see myself as an owner of several Moto taxis, generating jobs for my people, thanks to Mentors.”

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