The Success of Niraj Pradhan from Nepal

Niraj Pradhan sells seeds and fertilizer in his shop. He was born and raised in this farming region of Makwanpur. He calls most of his customers by their first name. He knows of their struggles and understands what they need. His customers trust him and his product recommendations.

Niraj is a born entrepreneur. He saw a need in his farming community and started his shop. It is small, but there is much room for growth. He used his small loan to purchase safer and more effective fertilizers. Now the farmers in this community are benefiting from being able to purchase these fertilizers locally.

Niraj is very excited to be attending the classes that Mentors Nepal are starting to offer. He knows that there is still so much to learn about running a business properly.

Niraj has lots of ideas and visions on how to help the local farmers grow and improve their crops. “With Mentors Nepal I hope to grow my business and become the primary seed and fertilizer distributor for my whole area. I have many plans and ideas. I look forward to working with Mentors Nepal for many years to come.”

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