Nutrition Impact Study of the Client of Mentors Philippines

Earlier this year two of our interns from Utah State University conducted a Nutrition Study of Mentors International clients in the Philippines as part of their senior thesis. We wanted to share with you a few highlights of their findings.

  • Clients’ intake of all micronutrients increased.
  • Participants that have been with the Mentors International Program for two or more years consume lower amounts of both alcohol and trans fats.
  • Omega 3 consumption is higher among those clients that have been participating in the program longer.
  • In addition to nutrition improvements, many clients were able to support their children through school and university programs.

With increased rates of chronic diseases becoming a serious public health concern in the Philippines, this data illustrates that Mentors International is directly helping to reverse this trend, by making it possible for clients’ to consume diets that put them at lower risk of developing a non-communicable disease.

Some of our client responses to this impact study:

“Before I had the loan, I only had noodles and canned goods like sardines, but now I buy pork and other goods from the palengke (local market). Now I can buy whatever foods that we may want.”

“After I received the loan from Mentors Philippines I never fell short on buying food.”

As you are getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday take a moment and give thanks that you are not concerned with where your next meal is going to come from.

We are thankful for you and your generous support that makes it possible for so many families to progress in greater self-reliance. We look forward to continuing to help even more families in the years to come.

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