Olenkha and Roxanna

Olenkha loves her mother Roxanna very much. As she has gotten older, she recognizes the sacrifices her mother made while raising her as a single mother with no other support.

Roxanna operates a small tienda in their neighborhood market. As the COVID-19 pandemic has created many challenges, Roxanna and Olehkha have re-purposed their business by selling cleaning products. Olenkha has been receiving mentoring and business training from our professional mentors in Peru. She is taking charge of the advertising of their business. She is actively making posts on social media to help increase sales and awareness for their products.

Because of a suggestion from their mentor, together Olenkha and Roxanna organized and deep cleaned their store. Today customers can better see all of the products that they have to offer. Their customers also see how clean their store is. They see with their own eyes that these cleaning products really work, and they want their homes to be as clean as the store.

Olenkha is grateful for Mentors International and all of their support. She is grateful that she is able to be there for her mother when she needed her the most. Olenkha is looking for additional opportunities to progress. She is attending our English training classes now so that she can improve her skills and become successful in her future career. Olenkha never had the opportunity to further her education at a university because of their financial situation, so she is grateful for the programs that Mentors International provides

“You are bringing hope and happiness to so many right now. I have many goals and plans for my future. I feel like I now have the knowledge and tools to achieve them.” Olenkha said with a big smile

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