Being the fifth son in a family of six boys, and facing many adversities as a child didn’t stop Carlos A. Batrzin from having a cheerful countenance and a determined spirit. Carlos was only able to complete the third grade when he was needed to start working to help support his family.

Because of his lack of education, employment opportunities were scarce as he got older. He found a job working in an embroidery shop where he made fabric with a pedal machine. He received a small salary, which when combined with the income of his brothers, helped support his large family. As time passed, his older brothers moved on to start their own families and homes, but still contributed to the care of their parents.

Carlos met, courted, and married Adela at the age of nineteen. Because Carlos was so familiar with the embroidery trade, they dreamt of starting their own embroidery business. Carlos was in a difficult situation as he wanted to start his own business, but did not have the capital to do so. He learned about Mentors Guatemala through a friend. Carlos says, “I was blessed to receive the advice and training, and then financial support. Now, because of Mentors Guatemala, I can work hard and have my own business.”

Since being involved with Mentors Guatemala, Carlos and his wife have opened up their own embroidery shop and their family’s income has doubled. He is looking forward to continued growth with his business. “My work has become a great blessing for my family. I have the power to give my children the opportunities I did not have. I sincerely hope to continue working with Mentors Guatemala and growing and helping others,” Carlos says with a feeling of accomplishment.

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