The Food!

While our client visits are the best part of the expedition (read our first post), a taste of the Peruvian cuisine is everyone’s favorite bonus! Peru is known for its food and after an expedition, you will understand why!

From the enchanting Incan history to delicious Peruvian food, you will leave Peru having a greater appreciation for their beautiful culture and delicious cuisine!

Aji de Gallina. One of the most traditional Peruvian dishes and one of my favorites is called Aji de Gallina. Typically made with potatoes, eggs, olives, and chicken, this yellow chili sauce is eaten over rice. A must try!

Ceviche is fresh seafood and in Lima, the seafood doesn’t get much fresher. The fish is cured by soaking in lemon juice before serving. Deliciously paired with corn and topped with seasonings and spices.

Lomo Saltado. One of the most typical Peruvian dishes, it is marinated and stir-fried strips of sirloin, onions, and tomatoes served over French fries and rice. A must try (again, and again, and again).

Chifa is Chinese-Peruvian Chinese food made with typical Peruvian ingredients. Chifa is fun, and definitely a unique, choice that you wont get anywhere else in the world (quite like this).

Cuy. If you are feeling brave, try some guinea pig. A popular dish for tourists, it sure looks interesting but doesn’t have a whole lot of meat.

Chica Morada. It is a drink made from purple corn out of the Andes, it is very common to order throughout Peru. Very sweet and very flavorful!

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