Service Project at La Playa De Huanchaco

The beach located in the Huanchaco Municipality of Trujillo Peru was overgrown with grasses and weeds. Trash, plastic water bottles, and even dead animals were scattered along the shores making it unable for the community to enjoy the beach.

The students receiving vocational training from Mentors International wanted to improve this situation. A group of students reached out to the municipal authorities and received a permit allowing them to move forward with this service project.

The Huanchaco Municipality even provided transportation for our students to the beach. They provided gloves, masks, and plastic bags for garbage collection. Thirty students attending different courses volunteered to participate in this project.

Once they arrived at the beach they divided into smaller groups to cover the entire area. More than 30 bags of garbage were filled that day.

At the end of the service project, one of the municipality representatives shared their gratitude. She said, “This organization must be very good for teaching students to serve their community. If people come together showing interest in keeping the environment clean we can breathe fresher and cleaner air. Thank you for your help.”

Our students were very excited about this project. They were very happy to come together and serve their community. They enjoyed the opportunity to gather in person and get to know their classmates better.

Our students pay for their training courses by performing 40 hours of approved and substantive community service. As a result, our students not only better themselves but improve the lives of others as well.

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