Rammaya a hardworking mother and farmer.

She is one of the farmers that was able to receive a polyhouse from the joint partnership with CHOICE Humanitarian and Mentors International. These polyhouses allow the farmers to grow year-round despite the cold temperatures.

The first crop she grew in her little greenhouse was mustard leaves. She was able to make a profit of about $50 USD. This inspired her to work even harder. Investing about $10 USD of her own money she bought seeds for bell peppers in a variety of colors. There is a greater demand for this crop and it will help increase her income.

Rammaya is very grateful for the support she has received from her mentors. Learning business principles such as pricing, and product selection has given her the opportunity to increase her income and help support her family.

Her mentors describe her as very enthusiastic and eager to learn. She is up to the challenge and wants to become a successful farmer and businesswoman.

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