Mentors International’s CEO Mark Petersen and VP of International Operations Nathan McClellan recently returned from visiting our office in Ghana, Africa. While there, our team spent time exploring new areas in the north where Mentors Ghana might expand its operations. Our program is doing very well in the 38 villages surrounding Abomosu where Mentors Ghana currently operates. Mentors International predicts that the current villages will reach capacity in the next year or so, allowing the expansion.

“Our clients there are doing very well and we have 100% repayment rate after a year and a half of operation, which is awesome,” Nathan McClellan reports. “We’re growing, people are really coming to us quickly, and we’re growing as fast as we can. We’ve got over a thousand loans out right now and really good progressis being made. Because these people didn’t have access to financial services before we arrived, many of them are, in a short time, doubling or tripling their incomes.”

One of such client is a cacao farmer named Samuel. With his first loan from Mentors Ghana, Samuel purchased pesticides for his crop. As a result, Samuel’s income has doubled. He is now able to afford to build his home out of concrete and other strong materials.

Samuel was one of the clients in interviewed in a recent video. See his story below.

We were pleased to have the blogger Melanie Gunnel from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe join us for this expedition. She shared some of her thoughts and feelings about this trip on her blog. Read More

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