Rosa is a mother, wife, student, and entrepreneur.

She continually looks for opportunities to improve her knowledge and skills, and then applies them to her business ventures.

Eventos Merakis is the name of Rosa’s event and party decoration business. She also has a small side business of selling personalized items. Back in May of 2020 one of Rosa’s friends told her about Mentors International and the vocational classes they offer. With schools closed down and four young children at home, Rosa was grateful for the opportunity to attend her classes online.

At this time Rosa was just starting her decoration business. She thought that the Sales and Customer Service course would help boost her sales and help her make wise business decisions. After completing that class, she was eager to learn more and enrolled in the graphic design course. She wanted to better organize her business’s images, and create her logo.

Rosa has already seen results from taking these courses from Mentors International. Her business is already beginning to bear fruit, with increased sales and attracting new clients.

Next Rosa learned that Mentors International was teaching yet another vocational course on website development. This was what her business was missing, an online presence. Today Rosa’s clients can place their orders from her website. Rosa is happy about this achievement; her income is increasing little by little, and she feels that her family’s life has taken a turn for the better.

Rosa’s most recent accomplishment was completing the 10-week business personalized mentoring program with our SEED interns from Utah State University. They helped her better organize the administrative part of her business.

Rosa shares with us the following:

“My biggest difficulty was believing in myself and my project ideas. I didn’t feel qualified to handle clients. In each of their courses Mentors International gave me something that helped me feel better prepared to take on new business opportunities. The mentoring from Ruth helped me to know how to apply more efficiently everything I learned in my courses to provide my clients with a better experience.

Before Mentors Eventos Meraki was just an idea, now it is a reality. The most meaningful thing for me was making my personal creed, the Keystone course helped me to recognize my strengths and my ability to undertake new things. Also, I worked on identifying weaknesses and planning ways to work on improving them. Today I feel more capable, confident, and prepared for Eventos Meraki to be a success. I am very grateful to Mentors International and its team.”

Rosa lives in Santo Domingo Norte, Dominican Republic. She has a beautiful family with her husband Laudin and their four children.

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