Miss Rosa is from Lima, Peru. She is a humble woman and at the same time, she is strong, cheerful, persevering, enterprising, and has a warm and inviting smile. She is a dedicated daughter that also takes care of her mother.

When Rosa was younger, she had a difficult time finding employment because of her lack of training and education. She lost her job and was not being able to find another job. She decided to work with her cousin selling spices. For a while, they did well but then were required to relocate their street business. Following the relocation, customers stopped coming and their sales fell. Rosa tried to sell other products but lacked the capital to purchase the needed merchandise.

It was at this time when her aunt invited Rosa to be a part of Mentors International in Peru. Rosa started with a loan of $500 soles, approximately $167 USD to purchase various household products to sell at her street market shop. This was vigorous work. Rosa has to wake up each day at 4:30 am to prepare her products, be to the market by 8:00 am to assemble her shop, and work all day.

Rosa decided she wanted to improve herself and her livelihood. She wanted to go into Cosmetology. Thanks to the MENTORING and financial lessons she received from Mentors International Peru she saved her money and was able to attend a technical school.

Today Rosa runs a small salon; she is very happy with what she has been able to achieve over the years. She lives at home with her mother and now has the time to be with her. Rosa comments, “Mentors International supports us, understands us, motivates us, and gives us additional services and training.”

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