The Success of Rosalin Ugos from the Philippines

“When I was little my family had to flee our village in Loay because of the war. We had to start all over here in Davao. We were very poor. I learned how to work hard, and sew from my mother at a young age. This has now become a blessing in my life.”

Rosalin Ugos loves being a mother to her three children. Together with her husband Alden they had a business of buying and selling bananas and coconuts. They didn’t know how to properly manage their enterprise. They didn’t make enough to provide minimally for their family’s needs.

Rosalin’s aunt introduced Mentors Philippines to them. She knew that the business classes would be a great blessing to their family. Rosalin was excited to take these classes and learn how to improve.

After her training, Rosalin decided with Alden to open a different business of “Ready-To-Wear” clothing and curtain making. They received a small loan to purchase their inventory of cloth and opened this new shop.

Business has been good and growing steadily. They credit their success to the mentoring they received from Mentors Philippines. They are grateful to have a steady income and to be able to provide better for their children.

Rosalin hopes that her children will all finish their education and have employment that will give them a prosperous life. When asked what she would do if she could change the world, Rosalin says, “I would make the world an abundant place for everyone to live.”

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