“Last Summer was a whirlwind of craziness and I’m not just talking about the Typhoons in the Philippines. Every day was a new adventure with different clients and teaching different business principles. One of my favorite experiences was the opportunity we had to teach at Pasig City Science High School. We taught every Friday for 2 hours after the kids got out of school. We had about 30 students each week and we had so much fun. We taught them about starting small businesses and different entrepreneurship concepts. We started out very basic and soon realized we had some very smart kids. We were able to have some very good lessons and discussions that I believe sparked great interest in a lot of the kids. On our last day they prepared a program for us and every single one of them gave us handwritten notes. We bonded with them so much over the course of 12 weeks and learned a lot together.

I hope that these kids will be able to apply some of the lessons we taught and create new businesses and better their circumstances for them and their families. Being a mentor in the Philippines was a life-changing experience. I am so grateful for this opportunity.” Saylor Thomas, USU SEED Intern

Thank you, Saylor, for your service and for sharing your business knowledge as a mentor. So many families in 12 developing countries are being empowered to change their circumstances and escape poverty through the mentoring programs that we provide. https://mentorsinternational.org/mentoring/

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