Service Currency

A group of students attending our Sales and Customer Service class held a group service project for the “Republica de Mexico” school in Trujillo, Peru. These students coordinated with the school’s director to help meet some of their needs.

The student’s service was on Saturday, February 1. They divided the work according to the number of students, and each one was committed to doing their part. Some students cleaned the yard, others weeded the garden and cleaned the surrounding outdoor areas, and they picked up all the garbage.

These students feel very committed to the volunteer service they give to their community. These acts of service bring them much joy and satisfaction.

There is no charge for these job-focused vocation training classes for these students. Instead, they are required to completed 40-hours of community service. These students feel that they are giving back after they have received mentoring and training from Mentors International.

The Principal of this school was very grateful for the service provided and said it was very impressive that these students have “service” as part of their curriculum, and that they love to serve. She congratulated Mentors International for teaching the value of service in education.

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