“I am happy to contribute to this much needed social work. My part is small like a grain of sand, but united together, everything is possible.”

Felipe Eduardo Zavaleta

Felipe Eduardo Zavaleta is a single father with 3 children. Wanting to improve the lives of his children Felipe enrolled in our Mentoring and Leadership course at our Learning and Mentoring Center in Trujillo, Peru.

There is no charge for our vocational training courses instead, there is a 40-hour service requirement.

Felipe helped fulfill his service obligation by volunteering to disinfect the Bellavista Police Station, local Nursing Home, and the surroundings of his apartment building, benefiting many people. With the COVID-19 virus affecting his community this service project was greatly needed and appreciated.

Because of the COVID-19 restrictions, our Learning and Mentoring Center has temporarily closed down, but Felipe is continuing his learning courses online. Thanks to modern technology he is able to connect with his instructor and continue his training.

Felipe is grateful for this opportunity to improve his skills. He is dedicated to his studies and knows that this course will improve his ability to get a better paying job once he completes it.

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