Senna is a busy mother of nine children. As a single mother she supports her family as a fishmonger. She gets up very early as the sun is rising and catches the bus to Tamale to purchase frozen fish. She then turns right around and makes the long trek back to Tolon to sell her fish.

Senna is learning many new and valuable skills from Mentors Ghana. She used her first loan to purchase greater quantities of fish at a lower price. This has helped her increase her profits. She knows that in order to succeed in business she needs to be honest and fair with her customers. She tries to only sell the highest quality of fish. She wants everyone in Tolon to come to her when they want to purchase fish. She is learning how to track her expenses and keep proper business records. Her little fried fish business is experiencing great results. Senna’s twin daughters have started helping run their mother’s business. Senna loves working side by side with her daughters. She even brings them to the training meetings at Mentors Ghana. She wants them to learn as much as possible from our mentors. She knows that it will help her daughters in the future to learn these skills now. (Her children were unable to attend school when they were younger because of their poverty.)

Senna has many dreams and plans for the future. She wants to upgrade her business from a roadside table to a building. She would also one day like to purchase a truck so that she could drive herself to Tamale, instead of having to take the bus. She would like to have a bigger home for her children one day. (pictured below is her home.) Senna is grateful that Mentors Ghana came to her village.

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