The Success of Silvia Argentina Queche Cocon from Guatemala

In a small market in Patzún, Guatemala you will find Silvia. This mother of three sells chicken to help support her family. She is a friend to all and many people love to stop by and talk with her while at the market. About a year ago she was asked to provide a large quantity of chickens for an upcoming wedding. Silvia did not have the savings or extra money to make such a large purchase from her distributor. She didn’t know what to do. She visited with a few financial institutions inquiring about the possibility of obtaining a loan, but none were able to offer her help.

A friend told her about Mentors Guatemala. They had worked with her in the past and had loaned her money. She was seeing the benefits of working with them in her business now. Silva went and visited with them that very day. She learned about what Mentors Guatemala was doing and quickly applied for a loan.

Silvia was able to purchase the large quantity of chickens to sell to her friends for the wedding. That was just the beginning of Silvia’s journey to greater self-reliance. While working with Mentors Guatemala and has been on time with every payment. In addition, her mentors have taught her how to better run her poultry business.

She is even looking at expanding her enterprises. Silvia learned how to embroider the beautiful huipil from her mother. She took out a second loan to purchase a variety of colorful thread. Now while she is sitting at her small booth at the market she is embroidering new cloth to sell for an additional income. Silvia is planning on using this extra income to help pay for schooling for her three children.

Her husband is a trader of basic necessities. She got him to start attending the Mentors Guatemala business classes and it is helping him with his enterprises as well.  Silva and her whole family are enjoying the blessings of an increase in income. Silva is now able to purchase larger quantities of chicken at a lower price for her so her profit margin has gone up. Thanks to the business classes she has been taking she understands what “profit margin” is and she is able to better run a successful business. Silvia is still very friendly and she tells everyone that she knows about Mentors Guatemala and how they have helped her family.

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