– SuccessCon held last week in San Diego was indeed a socially impactful experience. This was my inaugural visit to what appears to be an event filled with people with far brighter and infinitely faster minds than mine. It was an interesting feeling knowing I was likely the dumbest person in the (very large) room.

The first important social impact occurred through event organizer Tyler Garns – Founder and CEO of Box Out Marketing. Working together with Clate Mask – CEO and Co-Founder of Keap/Infusionsoft they set the goal of raising $35,000 for Mentors International. This sum can provide micro-loans, mentoring and skills training for approximately 12,000 entrepreneurs across any one of the seven countries we serve. In fact, over the years SuccessCon has raised over $250,000 equating to over $1.6 million in loans. Impressive to say the least – and appreciated in every way.

But as an outsider looking on, a phenomenon I witnessed in the event itself is worthy of close scrutiny by any behavioral scientist or Harvard Case Study and the Borg (my unapologetic Star Trek reference for those who understand). Infusionsoft originally founded this event, and the baton was later passed to Box Out Marketing. The presenters, participants, exhibitors and attendees are wonderfully connected in a spontaneous combustion of synergy. The individuals themselves are made up of – former employees or partners, fired former employees, former or current clients, or competitors and collaborators who have all found a way to incorporate their collective synergies, encouraging the success and well-being of everyone who attends – no matter who they are. In my life, I have never seen such a willing group of business people work for the greater good of the whole. And amazingly there was never the hint of disingenuous motives – ever!

Speakers were brought in – experts in their field – to give added counsel, advice and encouragement individual participants could use regardless of their specialty or strengths. Thereby enhancing the capabilities of all in spite of seeming differences or conflicts. Some of these speakers included Marcus Murphy – Executive Leader/Head of Business Development and Partnerships at Digital Marketer and Lisa Sasevich – “The Queen of Sales Conversion.” Top notch talent, giving top notch encouragement rising the tide of all ships in this harbor.

I am indeed grateful for the money raised for Mentors International by all of those who generously donated to our cause. Some of whom (like Lisa Sasevich) willingly and spontaneously donated valuable training and products for sale – all proceeds going to the people we serve.

But here’s the point – in a world that has become increasingly and alarmingly divisive – in politics, cultures and certainly in business, it is refreshing, even rejuvenating to witness what could be a dying oasis of like-minded “human beings” who are willing to see the value of synergy vs. the destruction of “at all costs competition.” SuccessCon is tangible evidence that playing together nicely in the sandbox is far more effective than taking my ball and going home. It is evidence of the true nature we have as humans to harmoniously and constructively interact with one another. Am I overstating it? Well – come next year and see for yourself.

– Curtis Bennett

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