After attending and graduating from Mentors International training classes, Freddy Orlando Gomez had several “ah-ha” moments and thought of many ways to increase his sales. Over the last year, he has more than doubled in income from his snow cone business.

Freddy lives in Honduras with his wife and two children. Mentors Honduras helped him improve his product presentation and his selling capacity with a small loan. However, it was the training that opened his eyes to advertising and branding. Freddy now has a unique audio commercial that he plays on a loudspeaker as he visits different sites selling his “Royal-Flavors” snow cones.

Through on-going personal mentoring, he has learned the importance of keeping records and saving money.

“What I really needed to know was how to include my wife’s wages in my business costs. She is in charge of making the fruit syrup that goes on top of the snow cones. I wanted to pay her for her time.”

“I am very grateful for Mentors Honduras. I do not need or want to work with any other organization. What more could I ask for? Mentors Honduras is honest, caring, and they give me fair rates on my loans. But most importantly, they continue to train me. I want to learn more. I enjoy learning.”

“Because Mentors Honduras helped me improve my business I am now able to provide a better education for our two children: Vilma who is seventeen years old and Freddy who is fourteen years old. One day I want them to be able to study at a university. ”

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