Update on Theresa

Last summer we shared with you the story and video of Theresa Mamley. A single mother with four sons. She was so excited about her growing business. Watch her story below.

She was so grateful for the help and support from Mentors Ghana. Her family was able to eat nutritious meals, her children were in school, and she was able to buy shoes.

This summer our President and CEO, Ron Dunford, was visiting Ghana, training and teaching our mentors and several of our clients. He was able to meet up with Theresa again. She was so excited to share with him her progress. She recently built a new store and a home for her children. Several friends and family were visiting and celebrating the completion of her new home.

Watching the video below you can see the situation before for Theresa and her family living in a small shack. Now you can see the big smiles on their faces above as they gave us a tour of their new home and store. Theresa is so grateful to Mentors Ghana she even put our name on her store so that everyone knows that she is a Mentors Ghana client.

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