In search of success, Marta Trujillo Meza is always looking for new opportunities to get ahead and improve her life.  Marta arrived in Lima, Peru from the jungle area of Huanuco, Peru when she was twenty-five years old. She had six children and big dreams to fulfill.

Initially, Marta began working at a few different jobs until she found work in the fields as an assistant with planting and harvesting flowers.  Always willing and eager to learn the best techniques of planting and harvesting she observed her co-workers closely.  Marta had a goal in mind, she did not want to stay an assistant, she wanted her own fields.

With much effort and constant work, Marta began to save her money in order to plant flowers independently. However, she did not have enough money to purchase or rent a plot of land, let alone to pay the salary of those she would need to help her. She was not discouraged, instead, Martz was more determined to find a way to make it work.

In February of 2018, Marta was invited to participate in an informative meeting about the start of Mentors Peru in the Chancayllo region. It was the opportunity she was looking for. Marta was so excited about the additional training and knew that with the financing available, combined with her savings, she could be independent. Today Marta is planting and cultivating flowers on her own plot of land. No longer an assistant, Marta is the boss.

“Knowing and working with Mentors Peru has helped me so much in my education and the education of my children. I have learned to not spend my money on unnecessary things. What I learn from my mentors, I teach to my children, grandchildren, and brothers. I still have many dreams to fulfill,” Marta commented with great joy.

Marta Trujillo Meza

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