Mentors International expeditions take place in rural locations across the globe where medical services are often unavailable. Therefore, Mentors International strongly recommends all expedition participants to purchase medical evacuation insurance that will provide coverage while traveling overseas. Mentors International advises at least $25,000 in medical evacuation insurance to cover proper transportation to a hospital or clinic during medical emergencies. You must provide proof of this coverage to Mentors International.

In addition, Mentors International encourages all expedition participants to purchase standard travel insurance and trip cancellation coverage due to unforeseen circumstances that might cause trip disruptions or unexpected flight cancellations. This can be done in conjunction with medical evacuation insurance or as a separate plan. In some cases, it should be purchased within 24-48 hours of purchasing airline tickets. To ensure coverage for pre-existing conditions, most policies must be purchased within 15 days of initial deposit.

When seeking insurance coverage, please remember that the “cost of trip” is equal to individual expedition fee + individual airfare. (Ex: $2,195 expedition fee + $1,000 airfare = $3,195 total cost of trip)
Several companies provide the above insurance policies. Here are a few suggestions:

Travel Guard |

Gateway Plans |

Insure My Trip |

Major credit card companies also provide free and/or low-cost travel insurance to cardholders. Please be sure that such coverage is actual insurance and not just insurance consultation. Visit:  AMEX   VISA   MC

If you are a student or faculty member, the least expensive way to acquire emergency evacuation/medical insurance is the international youth/student/faculty I.D. card ($20). Most universities offer these through their study abroad office. You will need to provide proof of current school enrollment or faculty employment and a passport-sized photo.

Please remember that Mentors International is not responsible for the cost of medical care or any loss or damage you may incur during or as a result of a Mentors International Expedition.

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