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When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Peru Treysi didn’t know what she was going to do. Schools were closed and at 20-years old Treysi didn’t have much experience or training to start a professional career. Treysi had a great desire to learn and progress. She was very excited when a friend told her about Mentors International and the vocational training we provide. She enrolled in two of our online classes, the Sales and Customer Service course, and the Leadership course. She is engaged, committed, and feels encouraged that she can further her education.

When she is not in a class, Treysi is giving private tutoring for elementary-aged children. (Pictured above on the left) She is happy that she can both work while furthering her education. As part of her education, Treysi has learned the importance of saving money, record-keeping, goal planning, and giving service to others.

Treysi encouraged her friend Alicia to register with Mentors International as well. They give each other encouragement and support as they practice the techniques they are developing. (Pictured above on the right)

In Treysi’s words, “I am happy to participate at Mentors International. This opportunity has given me the opportunity to get my education for free. I am committed to providing the hours of service to pay for my courses. I am learning to develop new thoughts and new habits that will help me to dream big and set meaningful goals. I have awakened a desire to serve other people as well.” (Below is her vision board)

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