Teaching Skills that will Serve our Students for a Lifetime

When individuals come to Mentors International for help and support, our mentors evaluate each mentee’s circumstances, abilities, needs, and goals. Then, the mentees are guided through the appropriate business and vocational training courses based on their dreams and desires.

Not everyone wants to run their own business. Many would like to increase their skills and job opportunities through vocational training.

Our vocational training sets Mentors International apart from other non-profits that focus on helping families out of poverty. Most non-profits do not offer vocational training.

Many of the individuals we serve have had little education and fewer opportunities. In developing countries, school is not an option for those who don’t make enough money to provide even the essentials.

Through our job-focused vocational training courses, students learn life skills, business skills, and in-demand trades that will position them to qualify for higher-paying jobs.

We continually evaluate the local markets where we serve to make sure that our training helps meet the needs of the local job market.

With Mentors International, these individuals learn invaluable skills in return for nothing more than their time and commitment.

There is no charge for the vocational training that we provide. Our participants pay for their education courses by performing 40 hours of approved and structured community service to; schools, municipalities, hospitals, orphanages, senior care centers, etc. As a result, these students better themselves and improve the lives of others and their communities as well.

Over 260,000 hours of service were performed in the name of Mentors International during 2021.

In 2020, Mentors International provided six vocational courses, today, we provide 15 courses, and this number is growing. With partnerships from Weber State University, Ensign College, Botega, Reading Horizons, and more, employers highly recognize our courses.

These vocational courses are 15 weeks long, five days a week, and we have three semesters each year. At the end of each semester, we hold a graduation ceremony to recognize the achievements of these students.

1,137 students graduated after our first semester in 2022. More are enrolled and looking forward to their opportunity to learn and develop.

Help us Transform Generational Poverty
into Sustainable Self-Reliance

Through our proven programs of personal and business development, each $1 donated creates $5 of economic impact in developing countries where we serve.

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